Need someone to run your coffee morning? Want a tea shop for your running, or cycling event? You can hire our mobile cafe with a range of hot beverages and snacks. There are 2 different options;

  1. Pre Paid. You tell us how many drinks you might want and pay up front.
  2. Coffee shop. This service is free to you. We sell each beverage individually to each customer.

One of our most popular applications is to offer cooked breakfasts, tea & coffee the morning after a big party. For example; if your having a festival themed wedding, and camping out in tipi tents. Then we can be on site bright and early to grind fresh coffee and cook delicious cooked breakfasts to get you and your guest back in check and ready for another day.

We do not use any single use plastics and all of our plates and cuterly are recyclable item made from sustainable materials.