The guests are in, the drinks are flowing and there is a secret in store that nobody knows about… except you!

At Singing Surprise we don’t just offer the very best surprise entertainment for your event. We can cater to all your entertainment needs, and provide a bespoke experience that will not only surprise your guests, but make sure they are having the time of their lives!

Our Performers will blend in at your event, dressed the same as the resident staff or catering team, your guests will not know what’s hit them!

We can offer anything from just 1 performer up to a team of how ever many you would like! Singing Surprise have been the UK’s premium Surprise act since 2015. We started out with just singing waiters, and have since developed and grown the act to be truly the best, and most unique Surprise act in the county!  Reviews for this act our plentiful & glowing!

Not only do we offer singing waiters, but also fresh alternatives such as singing workmen or breakdancing chefs! We can even mix a few different types of performer together to create one incredible, surprise show!

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