Who we are and what we do

We are a team of talented visionaries, with years of experience. Established in 2015, Aston and his collective of creatives have a wealth of knowledge and know how to create remarkably stunning events that your guests will always remember.

“I started out in live entertainment when i was 18, I’ve been a professional performer all my life. Working in from Londons West End, through to touring the world and supporting chart topping artists!

My love of performing and entertainment eventually turned to event hosting and thats how ‘Aston Events & Entertainment’ began”

“We are a family run business, who take great pride in all of our services being ‘in house’ and home grown. What i mean by this, is that we are not an an agency and we don’t outsource. There is no middle man. Our collective team have skills in all fields of entertainment and events. From developing shows, to building props, to managing events with staffing and logistics. All of our services are things we have either trained for, studied, hand built, or learned along the way. Now in our 7th year we have experience in getting things right, time and time again”